The Monarchy in Ipainia

The Monarchy of Ipainia, colloquially known as the Ipainian Monarchy. is a constitutional institution. The monarchy is currently represented by the King Alexander I, who founded Ipainia and auto-proclaimed as king on July 05, 2013. The Ipainian Monarchy is constitutional and as such, the role of the monarch is defined and limited by the Constitution […]

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The King

Alexander I, full name: André Alejandro Mazuelos Carpio; born 17 February 1999, is the king of Ipainia. He founded Ipainia and auto-proclaimed as the King. Since then he has been the international representative of Ipainia. He has worked as Deputy-Secretary General of the United Micronations from April 03, 2014 to October 12, 2014. Nowadays, he is […]

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The Royal Family

THE KING’S PARENTS His Royal Highness The Kinf Father Treasure (born 05 Oct, 1960 | Full Name: Alejandro Jesús Mazuelos Alvarado) and Her Royal Highness The Queen Mother Elizabeth (born 26 Jun, 1968 | Full Name: Yolanda Elizabeth Carpio Chauca) are the King’s parents. THE KING’S SIBLINGS – HRH Princess Alexandra (born 07 Dec, 1995 […]

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